The Climate Square Project

Climate Square - an ERDF-funded project governed by the city of Joensuu - operated from the beginning of 2015 until the end of 2017. The project actively supported and increased climate action among businesses, communities and citizens, thereby encouraging different actors in the region towards a carbon neutral Joensuu.

The Climate Square project created new co-operation models, innovative campaigns and experiments that encourage the Joensuu region and North Karelia towards carbon neutrality. The project developed various co-operation models enhancing local climate action among businesses, communities and citizens.

Download the English summary material of the project, published in December 2017:

Encouraging Climate Action

Climate partnership

Climate Square developed a Climate Partnership network for enterprises and communities in the Joensuu area. The role of the project was getting the network started and functioning, so the work has only begun! The network operates as a part of the city institution, and continues to be developed forward.

Businesses and communities can join the network by signing a Climate Commitment that consists of a few climate measures or goals that the partner pledges to actualize.

Climate responsibility projects with enterprises

During the years of its activity, Climate Square organized several co-operation campaigns and projects together with local communities and companies. One example is the concept of climate responsibility projects, created by Climate Square. The aim of these annual projects was to enhance climate responsibility in the region and to act as a low-threshold form of climate co-operation for companies and communities. Furthermore, the project themes are a way to promote the long-term goals of the city's climate programme:

  • Climate Square buses 2015
  • Edible park 2016
  • Urban wetland 2017

Read more about the projects in our summary material Encouraging climate action.

Sectoral climate programmes

Climate Square set up sectoral climate programmes created especially for micro- and small-scale industry. The programmes are in common use on our webpage. The sectors are divided according to the production priorities of North Karelia: Technology industry, food industry, forest & energy, stone & mining, wellbeing & tourism and creative industries.

Climate action with citizens

Climate Square supported local low-carbon operating models by organizing low-carbon experiments and campaigns for citizens to participate in. We also brought climate action closer to citizens by organizing climate-themed events and composing practical information for common use.


The funding and administration of Climate Square

  • Administered by the Environmental Surveillance Unit of the city of Joensuu
  • Operating time: 1.1.2015 - 31.12.2017
  • Funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the city of Joensuu. The ERDF funding was admitted by the Regional Council of North Karelia 18th December 2014.
Päivitetty 14.12.2017